Thomas Jefferson’s Wisdom

Washington on Power

Friends are a true source of wisdom and education on a variety of topics because true friends care. I know that I learn a lot from people I have met on Facebook and other places online, often friends from long ago. A re-connection with long lost friends is an education in itself, often eye opening as how they turned out positive or negative. But I’ve found that people often don’t change from their base personalities, if they were negative early on in life it is rare in my experience that they will become positive as they reach maturity. Certainly there are exceptions and by no means am I suggesting that people cannot change for the better. In fact that is what I am trying to do now and boy is it hard! I have to continually remind myself to Identify, Challenge and Re-frame as part of my behavioral modification therapy. It is a challenge, try it yourself, to not look at things as negative especially if you suffer from depression like me. But try I will and the basic point remains: Friends help to keep me focused on the positive rather than the negative that inevitably finds it’s way into all our lives. Friends are the rays of sunshine on a cloudy day if they are true friends. True friends care about you more than themselves and that care shows in times of trouble or distress. I have been able to tell who my true friends are since I have made my medical conditions of chronic pain combined with recurrent treatment resistant depression, anxiety with panic attacks and altered mental status including global transient amnesia and early onset dementia. Wow, I’m not so sure I would want to be friends with myself! But reality is what it is and each day a new opportunity as trite as that sounds. We choose every conscious moment how we are going to interpret life. The more you educate yourself, and real friends help here as well, the more opportunity you have to be a good self-advocate for yourself in the medical community. So, thanks to my true friends. And to everyone else that wants to be open about themselves in a positive manner I am practicing my listening skills. No negativity or attitude need apply. That is the purpose of A Friend’s Friend, to know you always have a place to find a true friend that cares about you and a place that offers you the opportunity to care about others, your friends! A good deal all the way around and a rare oasis of kindness in an unkind world. We can make it, together as real friends!

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A Friend's Friend. Retired following a 35-yr successful career as a city planner and commercial real estate developer due to chronic physical and mental disabilities. As I begin this next chapter I want to learn to become a better listener and through that skill become a better friend. My focus is on God, my family, my friends and my community. I desire to put into practice the saying that love is a powerful verb full of hope and possibility. I confess my sins in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Never be daunted due to any difficulty that life deals you but remember that life is good, it is ALL good!

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