The Alvarism Database

My friend Tommy is much smarter than I am. Take a look at what he has been putting together while I slept! Amazing insight from a regular guy, someone who would and does not wear his gifted intelligence on his sleeve. A person who has the courage of their convictions, and whose remarkable work ethic calls them to sacrifice very much to make this dream a reality. I look forward with great anticipation the next chapter in the evolution of the remarkable story of a great American, and someone with the courage to help us all understand what it means for us to also be great citizens and participants rather than pawns.

Alvarism: Culture & Economics

What it is

Of interest to government, politicians, policy makers, think tanks, university analysts and researchers who need authoritative historical information on criminal justice, national security, medical industry, business, economics, culture, and society. It is an Enterprise Relational Database, using the latest features of SQL Server 2012 and prior. Well-designed with my expertise in enterprise and data architecture, business intelligence, reporting, and software programming.

Why it was done

Microsoft Excel is fairly primitive but very efficient and convenient for research. It handled all of my needs through nearly 700 pages of manuscript for two separate books on culture and economics. In late summer of 2015, as my final analyses came to a close, I began the most ambitious analysis of my research to date – American Security (and its relation to our economy), which includes National Security and Criminal Justice topics. I even got away with using some VBA code…

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A Friend's Friend. Retired following a 35-yr successful career as a city planner and commercial real estate developer due to chronic physical and mental disabilities. As I begin this next chapter I want to learn to become a better listener and through that skill become a better friend. My focus is on God, my family, my friends and my community. I desire to put into practice the saying that love is a powerful verb full of hope and possibility. I confess my sins in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Never be daunted due to any difficulty that life deals you but remember that life is good, it is ALL good!

2 thoughts on “The Alvarism Database”

  1. There are people that are just too good to be true. John Brandon you are one of them. I just hung up the phone with you, you said you can’t make your trip here to Baltimore. You sounded like you were riddled with guilt, something I honestly can’t understand. John you are a true person, never feel bad about anything! Everyone you touch knows you are honorable to a fault. I would personally have you stay at home and be safe & sound then take a risk. Your friends know you! I am one of them.


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